Debian android app is published

Posted by Uberspot on 0 comments

Now that GSOC is over and DebianDroid is in a more functional state i’ve decided to finally publish the app to the Google Play Store and to F-Droid. That way I can get way more feedback about it plus it might already be useful for some people.

You can find a features and todo list in the readme in my github repo or alioth mirror.

Special thanks to Hans-Christoph Steiner (my gsoc mentor) and to Paul Tagliamonte for their help and feedback along the way.

If you want to help send me your feedback about the app via mail to onexemailx@gmail.com or via github or play store. I’m looking for bugs, new feature ideas, suggestions for rest/soap/any other apis I can use to implement features in the todo list and also possibly for other icon or design ideas.

That’s all for now. :)

Edit: I did a last minute rename of the app package to net.debian.debiandroid (since debian.com doesn’t exist) and it was a bit more complicated that I expected so I had to republish the app in the play store. Just uninstall the old one and install it again from the link above. I changed the description of the old app as well so it should be clear which is which. Sorry for the inconvenience. The good thing is that I fixed some bugs/crashes as well.